Did You Know…

The Stiern Library has steadily been building the Cerro California History Collection that is housed in the Dezember Reading Room? Several years ago Dolores Cerro left the Library the largest gift ever given to CSUB. Using income from this and other investments, the Library buys books in several subject areas to support the curriculum and student learning.Did You Know

About three years ago, Library Dean Rod Hersberger asked librarian Curt Asher to begin developing a California History Collection and name it for the Cerros. The collection covers all time frames and geographic areas in California and focuses on the diversity of California’s peoples. This collection only contains books, since the Library is not equipped to handle primary sources such as letters, manuscripts, political and government materials, journals, diaries and the like.

Asher, who has been enthusiastically purchasing books for the collection, also noted that the collection helps support the university’s Public History Institute, a fledgling organization that is working to develop regional history programs. The collection, however, is not just for history majors. Students working in many other subject areas will find important books on the politics and culture of the state.

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