Rand California

 You’ll Be Surprised by the Detail

Rand California is an online resource available through the Stiern Library, providing detailed time series data for the state of California as well as California counties, communities, and special districts. Aggregate U. S. and other state statistics are included for comparison purposes.

What makes the database useful is that Rand has pulled together publicly available agency data and provided a central interface to extract needed statistics. Users are able to select from among very detailed data items or variables, geographic locations, and time periods to develop a custom table, spreadsheet, and/or graph. Users can do comparisons over time, among different locations, and/or with varying statistical measures.

To access Rand California go to the Stiern Library’s home page, select Research Databases, and find Rand California. You’ll be surprised by the detail.

Rand California Categories

· Business and economics

· Community

· Criminal justice

· Education

· Energy and environment

· Government finance

· Health and socioeconomics

· Population and demographics

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